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At 11:01 AM 5/16/96 -0700, Abigail wrote:
>Marcus E. Hennecke wrote:
>++ > To get high quality
>++ > results this would have to be combined with hyphenation.
>++ Probably, but do you think HTML should be concerned with hyphenation?
>No, I don't think that is an HTML issue. Hyphenation should be a
>browser issue. Some browser might (eventually) do hyphenation,
>others won't. Of course, one would need the LANG attribute to
>find out which hyphenation rule set to use.
Hyphenation is a stylistic as well as a language attribute. 

Typically, the person who designs the page determines whether or not
hyphenation is appropriate for a particular structure. For example, the
designer/author may want hyphenation for body text but she may find it
inappropriate for headlines. Either way, hyphenation specifications are
probably most appropriately defined in style sheets. For the truly detailed
designer, she may choose to override typical hyphenations on a case by case
basis. She may also want to choose how many lines in a row can be hyphenated
and possible override hyphenation rules on a word by word basis.
Furthermore, the designer may want to specify the maximum number of lines in
a row that may be hyphenated. There is even more esoterica regarding
hyphenation, dealing with how far from a column edge a hyphenation rule may
be followed. Again, except for overriding individual instances of words, the
most appropriate place for these specification is in the style sheet.

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