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>Once upon a time Shawn Steele shaped the electrons to say...
>>I'd like to also include my vote for the <BANNER> tag.  It's simpler
>>than using frames and it would save me some space on my pages.  (Most
>Yes please!

Please stop voting. It does not serve much.

The most useful input is in the form of:

	* test cases
	 (for example, in browsercaps:

	* suggested wording for the spec

	* changes to the DTD

	* specific, detailed examples (including document markup)
		demonstrating problems and solutions.

Please limit review comments to one issue per message.

Please include "HTML 3.2" in the subject line -- but don't put
just HTML 3.2 by itself. Put something like:

	Subject: HTML 3.2: form content models

Note that the HTML 3.2 is descriptive, and hence "enhancement
requests" are out of scope. There is room for discussion about how to
describe the current state of affairs (e.g. ways to describe things
like FONT, CENTER, CLASS, ...) but there is no room (in the HTML 3.2
review process) for enhancement requests (e.g. special entities for

And note that while I'm monitoring this forum to some extent, the
editor of the specification is not (yet). So you might want to hold
on to some of your comments until you see a working draft released.

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