Re: DIV/CLASS: Mike Wexler: Re: HTML 3.2

>     DIV document divisions
>        Groups related elements together. 
>        Can be used with ALIGN attribute to set the text alignment of the
>        block of elements it conains. ALIGN can be one of LEFT, CENTER, or
>        RIGHT. Requires start and end tags.

I have modified the wording to be similar to the above.

> While browsers are important users of HTML, content creation tools,
> indexing engines, etc are also important. Just because there is no
> visible effect of a tag in some particular browser, doesn't mean
> it shouldn't be described.

The purpose of the HTML 3.2 spec is to capture a sanitized version
of current practice as agreed by the market leaders. We couldn't
include ID in the spec as current browsers don't support hypertext
links to particular IDs. As a group it made sense to us to defer
ID and CLASS etc. to a future release when we would be rolling out
support for style sheets.

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