Re: HTML 3.xx & scalability

dear Marcus E. Hennecke:

thanks for your reply.

>It essentially means that you can't do page layout with HTML. But that
>is nothing new and is actually a feature, not a bug. How can you ever
>expect to do page layout if you can in principle have no idea what is
>going to display your page (or even if it is going to be displayed)?

i think this is not a contradiction in itself. the layout rules/ process
will be regarded as beeing part of the data beeing displayed.

>Yeah, I just *hate* pages that set a fixed table width to enforce page
>layout. Either the table is too wide (as in Microsoft's case) and I have
>to scroll left and right, or it is too narrow and I have to scroll down

it would be no problem if tables and their width/ lentg would be subjected
to the same overall scalefactor as text & images.

>to do all this. If you need to scale an image with font size, just do
>something like this:
><IMG SRC="foobar.gif" WIDTH="7em" HEIGHT="5em" ALT="Never forget ALT!">

this looks good & it would be even handy if it would be responsive to the
relative setting of font sizes (<font size=4>) (even though i do not like
the idea of such unqualified statements...)
however- it did not work for me (netscape 2.0).
is it an idea you are talking about or something already implemented?

best regards,

andreas schneider

Received on Tuesday, 14 May 1996 21:15:19 UTC