Re: Spacing (was IMG in PRE?)

At 1:10p 05/14/96, Stuart Harris wrote:
>W.I.K. spake:
>> One thing we definitely need, at least for representing computer source
>> code, is the ability to prevent collapsing multiple spaces. If I need to
>> display a literal of "qd  " (4 characters, spaces significant), it must
>> NOT get munged by the browser. What I have to do currently is place a
>> comment next to it, stating that there are two spaces there. I tried
>> using <pre> and <tt> and <code> -- none were satisfactory (<tt> and
>> <code> did not prevent collapsing, and <pre> added line breaks and was
>> therefore unusable inline).
>Why don't we just persuade AoL to accept &nbsp; as the entity Walter (and the
>rest of us) need.

Because &nbsp; is not an instruction; it is a completely different character.
On the Mac, it is #202; Windows and Latin1 have it at #160. That is not the
same character as #32, so it won't work for code which a viewer is going to
want to copy and paste into their compiler.

>They're the only browser out of step on this, unless I'm misinformed.

I was just about to check this, when the AOL browser crashed on me!
Oh well. But I know it no longer *displays* "&nbsp;", because I have this
at the bottom of my Dark Shadows page, which looks fine in it (v1.1, comes
with AOL 2.7).

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