Re: Spacing (was IMG in PRE?)

At 2:02p 05/14/96, Stavros Macrakis wrote:
>em space (the width of the letter "m", and guaranteed to be at least
>as wide as the widest letter);

I believe that should be "M" (uppercase)...

>Scott E. Preece <> wrote:
>    ...Another mode that would be extremely useful is
>            1. proportional type
>            2. no autofilling
>            3. preserve whitespace as provided (either by keeping
>            as individual space characters or by tabbing to the
>            indicated depth)
>    In addition to the obvious use for poetry, this would be good for
>    code, for those of us who believe code should be pretty-printed,
>    rather than monospaced....
>This is not good enough.  For one thing, "preserve whitespace" is not
>well defined unless you calculate it assuming that all letters are of
>maximal width (1 em).

One thing we definitely need, at least for representing computer source
code, is the ability to prevent collapsing multiple spaces. If I need to
display a literal of "qd  " (4 characters, spaces significant), it must
NOT get munged by the browser. What I have to do currently is place a
comment next to it, stating that there are two spaces there. I tried
using <pre> and <tt> and <code> -- none were satisfactory (<tt> and
<code> did not prevent collapsing, and <pre> added line breaks and was
therefore unusable inline).


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