Tabs, was: Re: For the future - requests for the W3C (fwd)

Once upon a time Charles Peyton Taylor shaped the electrons to say...
>Do you mean indenting the first line of a paragraph
>like this:
>     The velocity of time is turning her
>voice into sugar water.

I mean like this.  This is how TAB works while typing, it just bumps text
over to the next tab stop and doesn't effect the rest of the lines.

>or every line of a paragraph like this:
>     The velocity of time is turning her
>     voice into sugar water.

This is most like a blockquote - the conventional way to handle them in
text is to indent the entire quote.

>Anyway, I think it should be clear what exactly is meant.
>Also, does <tab> imply a line break? What if it occurs in 
>the middle of a sentence?

Definitely not.  That would reduce its usefulness next to nil.

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