Warren and a few others have brought up the big disappointment felt by 
web authors (myself included) over the lack of the SRC attribute in 
unordered lists.

It was mentioned earlier that one of the reasons that they didn't bring 
up the idea of adding SRC was that invariably things such as VSPACE and 
HSPACE would probably have to be taken into account, so it was decided to 
leave SRC out of the spec for now.

But couldn't the arguement also be made that attributes such as VSPACE or 
HSPACE are better left off to stylesheets?  Of course the arguement could 
also be made the SRC itself also belongs in stylesheets (and of course, 
it is mentioned in the latest CSS draft).

The arguement for SRC in LI or OL is based on the fact that it degrades 
perfectly if a browser can't handle it, similar to the SRC attribute in a 
H1 element.  If the browser ignores it there's no ALT text to deal with 
and no unsightly broken image icons or [IMAGE].

I'm also a little surprised that nobody has mentioned the DINGBAT 
attribute.  I'd almost prefer DINGBAT in many cases since it saves 
bandwidth and I don't have to waste time making common images that 
everyone and his brother probably already created.

Oh yeah, as far as other improvements to lists, what about list headers (LH)?

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Received on Tuesday, 14 May 1996 00:15:13 UTC