[James Ø. Baum]
>Thats not the point. Authors are guaranteed to try to use these symbols 
>outside of <math> so any good browser would have to support them anyway - so 
>why not make this the definition!

	I do not agree.  That would be similar to saying that spelling
	checkers should accept a word like "inappropriate" spelled as
	"inapropriate", because a lot of people (mis-)spell it that way.

>That way we avoid the (IMHO) unwanted possibility of a symbol having
>one representation in and one out of <math> -  

	If a symbol is not allowed outside of <math>, it cannot possibly
	be rendered differently outside than inside.

>the two examples I recollect here are :
>&times; 'x' out of and "centered dot" in <math>
>&rarr;  "registered trademark" out of and "right arrow" in <math>

	I agree that this is not a good behavior, specially not the
	&rarr; duality.  IMHO, the best	solution is to give the symbols
	different entity names.


Bjørn-Helge Mevik	<>

Received on Monday, 13 May 1996 06:08:32 UTC