Re: Re: <H1 SRC="foo.gif">

> > JL> make it easier to do this, an atribute could be added to the <h?>
> > JL> elements. The same effect could be done in other ways (by
> >  What's the difference between what you propose and
> > <H1><IMG SRC="..." ALT="Don't forget me!"></H1>
> The ALT text dosn't show like if it was H1. Also: It's realy not an image
> in the heading, its a text in the form of a image.

Sounds like a browser bug to me. My favorite GUI browser renders ALT
text from an IMG in an H1 identically to text in an H1, modulo the box
around it to indicate that it's rendering ALT text from an IMG in case
I want to load it.


Received on Sunday, 12 May 1996 19:11:48 UTC