Re: table usage (was Re: text on graphics?)

Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
++ At 5:09a 05/11/96, Abigail wrote:
++ >Most of the time, <table> is just used to layout the web page. This
++ >works quite well when using a graphical browser. However, if the
++ >user (= reader) does something the developer (= author) has never
++ >dreamed off (say, using a sound browser), things can lead to sillyness.
++ ><table>s were designed for tabular data.  If they are misused to force
++ >a graphical layout, one limits his/her audience.
++ If "<table>s were designed for tabular data", then ROWSPAN and COLSPAN
++ would not be allowed. These attributes are in direct contradiction to
++ your view of what is "appropriate" for <table>s. Do you favor deprecation
++ of these attributes?

I fail to see why rowspan and colspan contradict that tables are for
tabular data.
The first example of the latest table draft seems perfectly valid to me.


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