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Once upon a time Shawn Steele shaped the electrons to say...
>Also headers and footers of pages are often similar or identical.  Our
>standard footer is about 1K and appears in only a few variations on the
>each hundreds of pages we have.  I know nothing about SGML and whether
>something like this would be permitted, but it would be really nice to
>have an HTML <include> tag so that this section could be cached
>seperatly by the browser.  1K per page can add up on both the server &
>client ends.


I wrote to the head of the <OBJECT> group some time ago after reading the
spec (just before it was renamed) since I notice the seemingly arbitrary
ability to specify MIME types.

So I thought text/html would be valid - meaning the ability to embed one
HTML doc (liek a footer) in another - viola, client side includes.

He said there is certainly no reason that couldn't be done.  So I guess
we'll have to see how it gets implemented.

Dan, can you bring this up in the working group?

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