Re: <math>, <fig>, ...


>As the writers of arena appear to have sold out, what is the chance of
>a port to X of udiWWW??

It's my understanding that the W3C have not abandoned arena 
but moved on.  At the conference in Paris they were showing 
Amaya - an editor/browser.  This is being used as a testbed 
for various browser work including HTML extensions and 
stylesheets (with stylesheet editing) but also collaboration 
and publishing.

It is the product of several years work at INRIA and is considered 
to be a better base to work from.  It currently works on UNIX 
and is being ported to PC/Windows.

If anybody is interested I'll post my notes from the W3C session 
yesterday that covered it.


Received on Friday, 10 May 1996 12:45:15 UTC