Status of HTML 3.2 [was: <math>, <fig>, ... (fwd) ]

In message <01I4JC6DWPPY00E1YU@SCI.WFBR.EDU>, Foteos Macrides writes:
>	Would you please also comment on the description of the 3.2 DTD
>as "official".

It's not frozen. It's the product of an HTML design/review board
within W3C. It has to go through review by the whole W3C membershop,
and through public review. I expect it to become an "official" W3C
standard at that point. A document detailing our standards process is
under revision. Stay tuned.

Note the disclaimer at:

|        This is subject to change, pending final approval by the W3C
|        member companies.

(it should probably say "and public review")

>   Is it going to be submitted to the IETF HTML working
>group, with change control passed to that body?

No, I don't expect so. The HTML working group of the IETF is winding

When Dave gets a chance to edit something that looks like a W3C
working draft, we plan to send it out as an internet draft on
an FYI basis, but we don't have plans to cede change control to
the IETF. As such, it may become an informational RFC, but it
won't likely be standards track.


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