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  From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>

| But <object> doesn't address the need to represent figures
| with descriptive markup. In recent proposals for FIG that I've
| seen, a figure wouldn't even necessarily involve a graphic.
| For example:
| 	<fig>
| 	<caption>RSA in three lines of Perl</caption>
| 	<pre>
| 	lksjerlij34liwj34lij
| 	</pre>
| 	</fig>

In a recent note I suggested adding CAPTION and CREDIT as sub-elements
of DIV.  I recant.  They should be sub-elements of things that are of
defined types (and, therefore, useful for building things like lists of
figures and lists of tables).  So CAPTION and CREDIT should be
sub-elements of TABLE and FIG and, maybe, OBJECT.

Maybe, if you're going to define FIG as just a wrapper for marking
something as a figure, you should change its name to FIGURE, to avoid
confusion with the previous use of FIG as an inclusion mechanism.


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