Re: HTML 3.xx & scalability

At 10:37a 05/09/96, Marcus E. Hennecke wrote:
>On Thu, 9 May 1996 02:40:38 -0700, (Walter Ian Kaye) wrote:
>> I rely on <table> support to ensure that my text elements remain
>>properly positioned relative to graphics, regardless of font size. As an
>(Walter: it would be nice if you could wrap your lines to around 72

Oh, my message! Thought you meant that it would be nice if we could do that
in HTML regardless of font. Now that *would* be nice! ;)
I remember years ago reading a reference about the easiest reading being a
17-pt font at 66-character lines, but I can't remember where (and I can't
seem to find a good font at that size -- maybe I'll have to create my own
web font with lots of hinting [as if font design isn't painstaking enough
with no hinting]).


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