HTML3.2 and the standards process

Sorry I wasn't clearer. HTML 3.2 was developed by a private organization
that is unrelated to the IETF. They may submit it to the IETF as an RFC just
as you and I would, but they do not have to.

Since the IETF defines what text/html is, I think that a HTTP server that
delivers HTML 3.2 as text/html would be in error unless the IETF (though the
HTML-WG) decides to update the definition of text/html to allow HTML 3.2,
which would, I expect,  be a very long and painful process.

Since nobody cares about HTML documents conforming to the requirements of
text/html, it probably won't matter whether HTML 3.2 is submitted to the
IETF or not.

 Paul Prescod

Received on Thursday, 9 May 1996 17:16:34 UTC