Re: HTML 3.2

Dave Carter writes in <Pine.GSO.3.93.960509095159.17771E-100000@cass26>:
>of the functionality that I require (mostly <math>). So as far as I am
>concerned you can forget 3.2, I will stick to 3.0. There is a fundamental
>divergance here between the scientific and technical world, which you
>are not interested in, and the commercial world which I am not interested
>in. Unfortunately your world has money, and mine doesn't. So I guess you
>win. Unless there are enough people with the knowledge and the time to
>develop specs and browsers for scientific and technical use only.

As someone who has interests in both fields, I must disagree.  This is not a 
zero-sum game here; proper use of stylesheets and OBJECT will be a help in 
presenting technical information (like my Corporate Technical Memory 
electronic reference document repository we use internally), and <MATH> will 
help technical organizations like ours produce better non-technical end-user 
products like our televisions and VCRs (TCE is RCA and GE's consumer 
electronics here in the U.S.) (see TCE Americas on the Web at 
<URL:>).  There may be faster progress towards the 
entertainment and commercial uses of the Web, just because there are a lot 
more people interested in those aspects.  But that does not imply that 
scientific and technical users will be ignored; it just means that if you 
need those kind of enhancements, you may need to contribute more of your 
personal time & money towards them so that they can be finished in a 
timelier fashion.
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