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You wrote:
> > (Maybe we could start with one written in tcl/tk using (n)sgmls for the 
> > parser)
> sgmls is obsolete, nsgmls frees you from stupid low-level things. Believe
> me. It's also ported to many platforms, so that's no drawback. I suggest
> not to use tcl/tk but Perl, because of the existing Code (Think of 
> SGMLSpm and some Earl Hood stuff). Perl is also ported to lots of 
> platforms, tcl/tk would bind one closer to Unix.

It is not true at all that using Tcl/Tk would "bind you closer to Unix".
Tcl 7.5 / Tk 4.1 are now available for Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Given time these implementations will improve to be equal in quality to
native applications, and yet written using a cross-platform toolkit.
Coupling this with Java would be a real winner.

Is Perl/Tk available on non-Unix, non-X11 platforms?

Steve Ball

Received on Thursday, 9 May 1996 02:39:45 UTC