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 > In message <>, Charles Peyton Taylor writes:
 >>But WHY is there no CLASS attribute?
 >>The browsers don't have to do anything with it, 
 >>but it should be there for those of us who are 
 >>experimenting with Styles and Arena. 
 >>I feel I should be able to use the class attribute 
 >>and still have my document validate. (This is
 >>kinda important when you want to do web pages 
 >>for a living.)
 > Another good point. The ID/CLASS/LANG/STYLE attributes got thrown out
 > all at once, on the basis that they weren't supported: ID might make
 > folks think they could link to <p id=XXX>...</p>, when they can't
 > (YET!). LANG implied I18N support, STYLE implied stylesheets, etc.
 > I guess CLASS was a case of the baby going out with the bathwater.
 > I'll look into it.

Please do!  It took me a few days to realize that these attributes were
gone.  I am using ID/CLASS/STYLE in dual-mode publishing.  I have HTML
documents that can be posted as Web pages or which can also be rendered
with more subtlety on paper with non-browser tools.  These attributes
allow per-paragraph control over appearance and naming of specific
locations in the document.  Now if there are other ways of continuing to
do these things, fine. 

 >>*My* disappointment is caused by not being
 >>able to use the neat stuff in HTML 3 (the 
 >>March '95 one).
 > Keep in mind that HTML 3.2 is descriptive: if an idiom
 > doesn't work in 3 or four major browsers, it doesn't
 > belong in HTML 3.2. On the other hand, we _are_ developing
 > new specs.

Is the use of HTML outside of browsers purposely ignored?  Could we at
least have a general-purpose attribute to allow implementation-specific


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