Re: HTML 3.0

> Perhaps now we need a separate consortium to be set up to develop HTML
> 3.0, and to co-ordinate developments on the various browsers (Arena,
> Lynx-FM, udiWWW) which are at least partly HTML 3.0 compliant (and
> are FREE). I am not sure  I have the technical knowledge to contribute
> much, and certainly don't have the time, but after the HTML 3.2 fiasco
> we do need something to replace W3C.
> Dave Carter

It would be nice to have HTML3.0 up and running on (at least) one browser 
before we bite each others head's off about 3.2 (oops! too late...)
James ō. Baum
MA104 Lineśr Algebra Fjernundervisningsprosjektet -
MA104 Linear Algebra 'Open University Project'
Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway

PS Linux is *the* best OS out there - AND it's free! With Arena on linux I get 
better products than any of the commercial stuff, all for free (I *HATE* 
netscape2.1, which , by the way, does'nt even work as well as netscape1.1) 

PPS Standard disclaimer applies ;-)

Received on Wednesday, 8 May 1996 05:33:41 UTC