Re: Archive with HTML 2.0 specs

>>>>> "Dan" == "Daniel W Connolly" <> writes:

    Dan> In message
    Dan> <>, Oliver
    Dan> Christ writes:
    >>  Hi,
    >> on, the file
    >> is linked to. The tar archive seems to be truncated, though,
    >> and only about 150K are transferred.

    Dan> I just checked the file on my end:

    Dan> connolly@beach ../html-spec[502] ls -l
    Dan> html-spec-19950922.tar.gz -rw-rw-r-- 1 connolly 69 243756 Sep
    Dan> 22 1995 html-spec-19950922.tar.gz

    Dan> So I think the problem is on your end.

    Dan> Perhaps someone else has successfully retrieved the archive
    Dan> and could get it to you somehow. Send mail to

    Dan> Dan

OK, thanks a lot. I tried it several times, but didn't succeed either.
Normally I don't have any problems with downloading files, so I really
do wonder what happens here.

Is there an ftp host where the file can be downloaded? Perhaps that
would be more reliable.

Thanks again, and best wishes for all of you,

Oliver Christ
Institute of Natural Language Processing, University of Stuttgart, Germany
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Received on Wednesday, 8 May 1996 04:25:27 UTC