Welcome to www-html!


Here is a first cut at the weekly posting suggested a couple weeks
ago.  Please send me any suggestions and changes.  I specifically
need need some more example good and bad subjects and welcome any
more pointers.  I'll begin posting this on a weekly basis - or Dan
can do it directly from w3.org if he has time to set it up.

Thanks to all of you who contributed all of the following information.


|To: www-html@w3.org
|Subject: Welcome to www-html!

This is an automatic weekly posting to the www-html mailing list to
describe the purpose of the list and offer some pointers for further
World Wide Web and HTML information.

Last revision: 7 May 1996

The purpose of the www-html mailing list is the discussion of standards
and enhancements to the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).  It is intended
for those with interest in the development of HTML and can be used to
facilitate collaborative design of new systems, software, protocols, and
documentation which may be useful to the HTML developer community.

This mailing list is *not* for asking general questions about HTML, WWW or
web programming.  Included below are some pointers which may help in your
travels.  Here are some guideline good and bad subjects for this list.

This list is *not* for subjects like:

  "My <fill in blank> doesn't work with my <fill in browser>. Any ideas?"
  "Does anybody have some Java code that does <whatever>?"
  "How can I get <mumble> to work with Netscape v666?"
  "I can't get centering to work with BozoBrowse.  Can anyone help me?"
  "How do I configure [insert-favorite-software-here]?"
  "I'm new to the web -- what is it?"
  "I tried to ask [insert-company-here] customer support,
   but <I didn't get any response / they told me to RTFM>."
  "What does RTFM mean?"

Here are some examples of subjects that are probably ok:

  "Should HTML 10.3 contain context-sensitive markup for reverse
   format gazornaplatz documents?"
  "The IETF has specified a Application/SGML MIME subtype and we
   should expand on this for HTML.

If you aren't sure what is going on here, feel free to sit back and
listen for a few weeks and then decide if you have an interest.

If you are looking for the answers to some specific questions related
to WWW or HTML you can probably find the answers in one or more of the
following places.

===  WWW FAQ

Many answers and pointers to further information can be found in the WWW
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) maintained by Thomas Boutell.


For more technical information, try the section of the virtual library
on web development, or Verity's excellent search service on web
technical topics:

    Web Developer's Virtual Library: WWW Development

    Verity Internet Virtual Library

===  Other WWW-* Mailing Lists

There are many WWW-related mailing lists.  A full list of them along
with descriptions of them can be found at:


===  USENET Newsgroups

There are many newsgroups dedicated to various WWW related subjects.
Please see the WWW FAQ for a complete list:


===  Searching for Information

There are numerous way of searching the Web and the Internet for
information.  You can try one of many search engines, for example:


===  Administrative Requests

If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe to this mailing list
or the digest version of this mailing list, you can get instructions
by sending an email to www-html-request@w3.org with "help" as the
subject.  You will get an automated response with more information.

===  END  =================================================================

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