Re: Digressions (was: Footnotes)

In message <v02110100adaa925d026e@[]>, Murray Altheim writes:
 On talking
>with some folks here at Spyglass, we use "NOTATION", as the more formal
>SGML term already in use in other places. So, as an example with CODE and
>    <PRE NOTATION="text/pascal">
>      NumToStr(paramPtr, theID, IDStr);
>      NumToStr(paramPtr, SizeResource(theResource), sizeStr);
>      BlockMove(@theType, POINTER(ORD4(@typeStr)+1), 4);
>    </PRE>

We considered that, but text/pascall _isn't_ a notation in the sense
of <!notation ...>. And making it a notation would mean changing the
DTD every time a new data format is added, breaking down independence
between HTML and stylesheets (and graphic formats and...).

That, or supporting <!notation ...> declarations on a per-document
basis. But it seemed silly to have the notation attribute be a
pointer to a <!notation ...> declaration at the top of a document,
which was just a pointer to a MIME type, ala:

	<!notation css system "text/css">

when <style type="text/css"> accomplishes the same thing.

So we chose type, as a mnemonic short-hand for content-type or
media-type, in the RFC1522 (MIME) sense.


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