RE: Valid Editors; Frames DTD

On Wed, 26 Jun 1996, Solko, Dave (SOLKODE) wrote:

> According to NS's own page on frames:
> <HTML> <HEAD> </HEAD> <FRAMESET> </FRAMESET> </HTML> So, I wouldn't
> recommend putting the <frameset> in the head. 
> Also:
> "within the FRAMESET you can only have other nested       FRAMESET tags,
> FRAME tags, or the NOFRAMES tag."
> and
> "A Frame-capable Internet client ignores all tags and data       between
> start and end NOFRAMES tags."
> I inferred that they intended the FRAMESET to replace the BODY. And
> since BODY-contained elements can appear within the NOFRAMES element --
> for non-frame browsers, this too implies that the FRAMESET should exist
> outside the HEAD.

Yes - but for older browsers that might understand BODY tags with
extensions, eg:

<BODY BGCOLOUR="#555555"> ... </BODY>

you would lose this because they wouldn't pick this up from the <NOFRAMES>
tag. It makes more compatible code (although less sense, I agree) to have
the <BODY> tags available in the document for non frame-capable browsers.


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