Re: Images in Horizontal rules......

Besides, judging by the way Netscape mangles images with incorrect
WIDTH and HEIGHT, I doubt it would give you an acceptable result.

> Maybe what would be an idea would be a precentage image like make the 
> image 100% or 80% or you could tell the browser how many pixels 
> across you want the image ruler to be!

By the way, if you resize an imagemap, the mapper program is going to
have a few problems with the pixels the browser inserted to resize the
image to the requested size.

I believe a proposal can be worked out where the image map as a whole 
is resized included the pixels of the image and the map click able 
areas!! This proposal would have to gain the support of the browser 
companies because if this method was to work, image quality would have 
to be preserved as the image was blow up to make it look good!! But 
as a rule the way image maps are now is, they are way to large and 
impossible to use on a large scale!!  But vast improvements in blow 
up image quality would be a very important part of this proposal!!
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Received on Sunday, 23 June 1996 10:04:48 UTC