Re: ***MATH***

Daniel W. Connolly wrote:
> Is anybody using it? I would expect to see questions about it,
> and I don't see them.

Unfortunately, not yet -- though i can't tell if this is because
people haven't noticed, haven't had the time to read about it,
or they don't like the design.  But it's really easy:

    <se> 'root(a+b^2) </se>

I don't think it can get very much simpler than that...

> I've looked at MINSE, and so has Dave Raggett. I think the design is
> really clean and elegant.

Thank you very much.

> Ping: what did Dave say about it? I forget.

He said something on the order of "thanks, now look at what we
are doing with HTML-Math".  I don't remember him saying much
about the design itself, other than agreeing that it was a good
idea to leave the scope open to other contexts beyond math.
> I would hope that folks could look beyond the fact that you
> currently have to use inline GIFs to use this system, and
> see the value of the design.

Thanks.  Right now i am looking for support from any source,
because i've been alone on this project so far.  Moral support,
feedback, suggestions, programming help, and real applications
are all hereby solicited.  (Dan's message to which i now reply
counts as big moral support, for which i am very grateful!)

> Has anybody looked at putting MINSE suport in something like
> grail? It's a reasonably hackable browser.

Yup.  It was one of the reasons why i chose Python as the
scripting language to begin with.  I tried hacking it in
as a Grail plug-in, and it worked with 0.3, the last version.

I haven't yet tried that with 0.4, which is capable of loading
author-defined styles and notations from across the Web,
because i've just moved to a new location where i don't have
(a) a socket-capable connection to the Internet and (b) a copy
of Grail for this machine.  (a) is sufficient for (b).


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