Re: ***MATH***

Lineaer Algebraiker wrote:
> "A working draft with greater details on each element will be available for
> review shortly. The expected release
> date is July 1. "
> On closer reading this page doesn't explicitly mention math, but it's getting
> to be about time!

The first implementation of MINSE beat that release date by a month.

> I ***DON'T*** want plug-ins, inline gifs or what-have-you. latex2html does
> that job more than well enough (sorry Ping, but your stuff is useless to me
> because of this, as far as I could see).

I don't expect my system to be implemented in the long run with plug-ins or
mediators.  But since major browser makers have done nothing towards this end,
they are the only way to make the service accessible to all browsers right now.

For example, no plug-in or an applet will ever render equations to text for
Lynx the way my mediator can.
> Could we at least have some dates? Will my
> grandchildren be able to code math directly in html?;-(

The date is today.  You can do this today.


Received on Tuesday, 16 July 1996 23:04:00 UTC