Re: Form elements and the rest of the document

\\ The idea is that you can use all the tags you mention to "dress up"
\\ a form. It is not a strict requirement, but all the tags which belong
\\ in forms should appear in the context of a form somewhere. Things like
\\ <SUP><TEXTAREA NAME=foo ROWS=1 COLS=1></SUP> are legal, but quite
\\ pointless.
\\ It's not a parser's job to make sense of HTML. That is up to the
\\ renderer. It seems reasonable to me that you can safely ignore form
\\ tags which do not appear inside a form.
\\ Galactus

True, but HTML 2.0 offered a perfectly good way out of this situation
without introducing this kind of ambiguity. They added an inclusion to the
form element in the DTD.


Why wasn't the same method followed for HTML 3.2? I mean, was there a
reason, or was this just an oversight?


Received on Wednesday, 10 July 1996 11:47:44 UTC