Re: charsets vs codepages

>We've seen that Netscape uses experimental ("x-....") names for charsets,
>such as "x-mac-roman". FoxPro achieves 'internationality' by using code
>pages (see table below). Perhaps this is a little late, but wouldn't it
>be better to use "codepage=10000" than "charset=x-mac-roman"?
>(Glenn, are these codes Unicode pages, or did Microsoft make them up?
> I couldn't find any articles in the MSKB with both "codepage" and
> "unicode" references.)
> The following table lists the code pages supported by FoxPro.
> Code Page   Platform                   Code Page

Glenn Adams no longer follows this forum, as he has been quite busy coding.
The first set listed (437-895) are IANA registered by IBM; I believe the
rest are Microsoft inventions. They are not part of Unicode as such.


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