charsets vs codepages

We've seen that Netscape uses experimental ("x-....") names for charsets,
such as "x-mac-roman". FoxPro achieves 'internationality' by using code
pages (see table below). Perhaps this is a little late, but wouldn't it
be better to use "codepage=10000" than "charset=x-mac-roman"?

(Glenn, are these codes Unicode pages, or did Microsoft make them up?
 I couldn't find any articles in the MSKB with both "codepage" and
 "unicode" references.)

 Translating Accented Characters
 FoxPro now supports automatic translation of characters across code pages.
 In earlier versions of FoxPro, any translation of accented characters had
 to be performed manually.

 A code page is a set of characters specific to a language or hardware
 platform. Accented characters are not represented by the same ASCII values
 across platforms and code pages. In addition, some characters available in
 one code page are not available in another.

 The following table lists the code pages supported by FoxPro.
 Code Page   Platform                   Code Page
 Code        Platform
 437         U.S. MS-DOS                x01
 620         Mazovia (Polish) MS-DOS    x69
 737         Greek MS-DOS (437G)        x6A
 850         International MS-DOS       x02
 852         Eastern European MS-DOS    x64
 857         Turkish MS-DOS             x6B
 861         Icelandic MS-DOS           x67
 865         Nordic MS-DOS              x66
 866         Russian MS-DOS             x65
 895         Kamenicky (Czech) MS-DOS   x68

 1250        Eastern European Windows   xC8
 1251        Russian Windows            xC9
 1252        Windows ANSI               x03
 1253        Greek Windows              xCB
 1254        Turkish Windows            xCA

 10000       Standard Macintosh         x04
 10006       Greek Macintosh            x98
 10007       Russian Macintosh          x96
 10029       Macintosh EE               x97   (Polish)

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