Re: [ hwg-main ] Re: background problem...HELP!!

>> >At this point there are three implementations: Arena, emacs-w3 and
>> >Tamaya.
>> And these run on all major OS's, right? <G>
> Well actualy... yes :-) lets see.. Arena is available to almoust every

hmm..i was not aware there was a british spelling for "almost" i know..

>Unix flavour ...ok, the newest versions are only available for now to a
>limited amount of OS's.. but this are only temporarly i think.. and there
>is even one version of Arena for Windows (althought i think its a bit old
>version..).. Emacs.. well... theres a port of emacs in every OS's under
>existence... well almoust every (i doubt that theres a port of Emacs to
>the ZX-Spectrun or to C64, but one never knows :-)), so running emacs-w3
>is as easy as getting the elisp source (wich is only interpreted by
>emacs, so its not architectural independent..) and of you go... about
>Tamaya.. since this is the first time ive heard anything about it, i dont
>have the faintest idea about idea..
> Just as a curiosity.. does anyone as an idea of how many Web browsers
>there is?

no telling..aside from all the known ones, you've always got J.Q.Doe out
there with his C++ assembler deciding he's going to write his own, or hack
someone else's to the point where it's basically just something new..

>> So please tell -- which specific OS does each of these run under? I am not
>> aware of any of these having been ported to MacOS, for example. Are these
>> for Unix System V Release 4, or BSD 4.3, or SunOS, or IRIX 5.3, or Windows
>> NT 3.5.1, or OS/2 Warp Connect, or OS/9, or AmigaDOS, or Atari TOS, or...
> Humm.. i wonder if theres any Web Browser for the Atari TOS...  about


>the other ones, like i said above the answer is yes.. (well at least
>emacs-w3 is .. one out of three aint that bad :-))

i think atari users ought to be happy they even if they only had the
one..not to say i don't like the atari TOS (i've never used it), but it's
not that common..and if they aren't happy, let them go write one..or
re-compile someone else's..

(spelled wrong)

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