Re: [ hwg-main ] Re: background problem...HELP!!

On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Hakon Lie wrote:

> Benjamin Franz writes:
>  > > Have a look at the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS1) specification.
>  > 
>  > Grrr...
>  > 
>  > Please, please ,please - if you tell someone about stylesheets as a solution
>  > to a problem *today*, also mention the fact that no major browser supports
>  > stylesheets *today*. Don't pretend it is a deployed technology - it isn't. In
> My I gently remind you of the charter of this list:
>      "This is the primary public mailing list for technical discussion
>       among those developing World Wide Web software." [1]
> Being pointed to work in progress is therefore entirely correct --
> your "Grrr.." isn't. 

I think you missed the point. He didn't say not to mention style sheets 
at all, just to "also mention the fact that no major browser supports 
stylesheets today." It's generally considered - in other fields - quite 
helpful if, when discussing approaches to a problem, some indication is 
given as to whether the solution is widely used, in narrow use, or purely 

Leaving out that little bit of rather essential information is quite 
incorrect, and the "Grrr..." is right on target.

Adam Guasch-Melendez

Received on Monday, 15 January 1996 12:31:09 UTC