Re: HTML 3 DTD? [was: frames ]

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s K. Tauber" writes:
>On Mon, 1 Jan 1996, Keith M. Corbett wrote:
>> Maybe this is incredibly obvious, but I would like to see W3C and the HTML
>> WG continue to encourage the practice of using PUBLIC identifiers to refer
>> to standardized public text.
>I think this will be even more valuable if plans for network FPI 
>resolution go ahead (see In the case of the 
>expired HTML 3.0 public text, people could still refer to "-//W3C//DTD 
>HTML 3.0 Draft//EN" or some such thing that the FPI resolution scheme 
>could resolve to a DTD available online at W3C.

If it were available online at W3C (which it is), folks could just write:

  <!doctype html system "">

If you feel like it, you can write:

  <!doctype html public "-//somebody//DTD HTMl 3.0//EN"

if "somebody" takes ownership responsibility. That generally coincides
with publication and/or software release. At that point, a "stable
network filename" (see should
be issued.

It's possible STANFs and FPIs could interoperate somehow.


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