Re: HTML 3 DTD? [was: frames ]

At 10:53 PM 12/14/95 -0500, you wrote:

>I'm collecting HTML DTDs and DTD fragments, and putting them on the web. It's
>not a registry yet, but it could become one if that looks valuable.

That would be very useful.

>I'd also like to get folks to say what DTD their documents conform to, ala:
>	<!doctype HTML system >"">

I hope (!) you only intended to encourage the use of SYSTEM declarations for
referring to local / experimental DTDs.  (It might be useful to have a FPI
to refer to the obsolete HTML 3.0 DTD, but who knows what it should be?)

Maybe this is incredibly obvious, but I would like to see W3C and the HTML
WG continue to encourage the practice of using PUBLIC identifiers to refer
to standardized public text.  (Of course I would like to see more standard
text come out of these groups! :)

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