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Bill Brooks wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, David Perrell wrote:
> >
> > Wouldn't it be nice if you could specify a background as an
> > animated GIF - and have it work?
> >
> Wouldn't it be nice if people would concentrate on content, rather than on
> thinking up new "features" for whiz-bang presentation?
> Wouldn't it be nice if people would use the WWW as a medium for
> information exchange, rather than as a high-tech replacement for
> television?
> Bill

What would really be nice is if HTML provided the basic building 
blocks for the building of WWW front-ends to applications.
While it does contain most of these basic functional elements,
a multi-column select field which is a fundamental to database
front-ends is missing.

The SELECT element has almost all of the functionality needed.  If
this widget could simply be extended slightly as explained in my
proposal (which has so far been utterly ignored) it would be an
enormous boon to database application developers and to the potential
users of these applications all over the world.  That's one small
step for w3, one giant leap for mankind.

Unfortunately, people are too busy discussing animated gifs, digital
telephony and multi-media to pay much attention to the absence of 
this essential element.

Would someone please read and comment on my proposal for a 
multi-column SELECT element?

Gregory A. Smith

Received on Friday, 30 August 1996 17:20:56 UTC