Re: Frames and Documents

On Wed, 28 Aug 1996, Steve Knoblock wrote:

> It might solve the problem of bookmarking, but I hope you are not proposing
> that frames cannot load independent files. Of course you could use the
> single page for the initial load (introductory material and cover graphics).
> This would be helpful---presently frames require you to create this kind of
> material if you do not want blank frames on initial load---in gathering the
> introductory material into the same place. On the other hand, perhaps as url
> could be specified for the initial files with url(...).

The CSS layout draft lets you specify everything in an entire file, or 
grab content from other files for individual frames, depending on your 
needs or resources.

> Here are the major problems I have encountered with frames and my $0.02:
> 1) Not being able to bookmark the pages in the frame in an easy way.

Yep.  Unfortunately, even in this case I don't think the Layout draft 
will be much more helpful because from the start you can specify imported 
documents into frames, plus you can target certain frames for links 
changing frame content at any time.

Personally, I think this is more of a "bookmarking" issue.  Ideally, if a 
page has frames with multiple sources, it should keep track of every URL 
referenced when the bookmark is created.

Maybe vendors will implement a smarter bookmarking system in the future.

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