Re: Frames still broke in NSN 3?

On Thu, 1 Jun 1995, Brent Eades wrote:

> On 25 Aug 96 , wrote:
> > Another peeve I have with NSN is that you can't get rid of margins
> > in tables. When border, padding and spacing are set to zero, MSIE
> > will butt graphics together between two rows of a table. NSN puts
> > about four pixels between them.
> Yeah, I encountered this too, but *could* fix it in NS, at least with 
> ver. 1.22 or 2.0.
> With the only attributes set for <table> as "border=0", I do indeed get padding of 
> roughly 4 pixels between images.
> When I add "cellpadding=0" to that, the margin shrinks by about half; 
> when I add "cellspacing=0" to the preceding, I get images that abut 
> without margins at all.

Both of you are getting this entirely wrong. As a matter of fact, NS is the
most correct in this respect. The problem is not border, padding and spacing
but *WHITESPACE* which is collapsed into a single space character between
the images. If you make sure there is no whitespace between your tags then
everything will be OK. If you insist on organising your HTML source so that
it's readable (as I do) you can try using a lot of /TD and /TR tags or using
whitespace inside tags. Example

<TR><TD><IMG SRC="img1.gif"><TD><IMG SRC="img2.gif"></TD>
<TR><TD COLSPAN=2><IMG SRC="img3.gif"></TD>

Note the /TD's used to make sure the newlines are not part of the cell. This
layout should get you no space between images (and cells). IE is wrong in
rendering other layouts as such; HTML clearly states that all whitespace
collapses into one, breakable, space.

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