Re: Frames Are Improving

:>Murray Altheim <> wrote:
:>|I'd caution against making ANY assumptions about screen size or resolution
:>|(which noboby has mentioned yet).
:>There's a draft before the HTTP-wg [1] that attempts to address this issue:
:>                                 ABSTRACT
:>     User-Agent Display Attributes Headers provide a means for an HTTP
:>     client  and server to negotiate for content dependent on the
:>     client display capabilities.  This memo describes the syntax for
:>     introducing this information into an HTTP transmission.

Hold on, I thought that display size and document rendering were supposed
to implemented via style-sheets.  What this is talking about is different
documents being fed to the User-Agent based their screen size, ie.
content negotiation based screen realestate rather than on prefered images
or languages.

Screen size isn't an HTML or an HTTP thing, it is a Style Sheet thing.
I fear that if it's made out to be a content negotiated HTTP thing,
it'll turn out much like the perl scripts that feed bare bones pages
to everything but netscape, ie, perl scripts (CGI of whatever sort
actually) that feed nicely laid out pages to people with bigger
monitors, and dirt to those with ancient, and still useful to them,

I guess I was under the mistaken assumption that style-sheets where
supposed to take away the pain of windows resizing and monitor size.


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