Re: Frames Are Improving

On Thu, 22 Aug 1996, Jason O'Brien wrote:

> I once swore off of frames forever, but since the latest versions of   
> Netscape and MS Internet Explorer now allow for better navigation within   
> frames, (hitting the BACK button at least allows going back within the   
> frame) which was the big problem before, I think frames are becoming   
> easier to use and incorporate into web page design.   The biggest problem   
> still to solve is the fact that everyone views web pages on different   
> display sizes, and this will forever be a problem for designing frames --   
> does anyone else have a standard they design for?   I have learned that   
> most people use 800x600, the in-between on most PC's -- does anyone else   
> have any kind of statistics on what most people use?   I don't know if   
> this problem will ever be solved when dealing with frame design.

It turns out that MSIE is including screen size in their headers. I
generated stats a few weeks ago. From about a million or so hits on

37.3%    ( 640,480 )
39.3%    ( 800,600 )
20.1%    ( 1024,768 )
 1.4%    ( 1152,864 )
 0.1%    ( 1152,882 )
 1.8%    ( 1280,1024 )
 0.1%    ( 1600,1200 )

This is probably biased towards the high end because of minimum system
requirements to run Win95/NT.

Benjamin Franz

Received on Thursday, 22 August 1996 13:15:15 UTC