Re: What are the problems with IDML? (fwd)

Once upon a time Fisher Mark shaped the electrons to say...
>The third major piece to the puzzle -- how to represent multiple products 
>per page -- is more problematic.  I can see here where additional tags could 

Not really - just make sure the method is defined.  As I proposed in 
another letter, some of the tags are mandatory.  Make one of those tags the
'open' tag for an object/product.  The 'close' could either be a new tag
used for that (wasteful IMHO) or simply one of these conditions:
* another open tag (new object/product)
* any tag it doesn't recognize as part of the IDENTIFY structure - covers
end of HEAD, other head tags, etc.

Same idea as block elements in HTML that have optional close tags - the
parser closes them based on context.

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