Re: To <P> or not to <P>

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>Unfortunately, there are some browsers that are broken in that regard,
>most notably MS Internet Explorer. Suppose a paragraph is centered
>using <P ALIGN=CENTER> and the next paragraph starts with <P> with no
>intervening </P>, Internet Explorer used to center the second paragraph
>also (not sure what the final version does). This is the *only* reason
>why the use of </P> is recommended.

Is this bug documented in BrowserCaps?

Ah... I see that it is:

Hmmm... I notice that it cites HTML 3.0 for <p align> definition.
Another reason we need a released HTML 3.2 spec... Sigh.

I hope everybody contributes to BrowserCaps when they find such

Has anybody run the latest Netscape or Microsoft released through
the browsercaps tests?


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