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>I'm trying to create a list of resource for HTML 3.2 Cougar.

HTML 3.2 (aka Wilbur) and Cougar (version number not assigned yet) are
different beasts.

The following is relavent to 3.2:

>RFC 1867	Form-based File Upload in HTML		   nov-95

and of course HTML 2.0

But the rest of these don't apply to HTML 3.2. They might apply
to Cougar, depending on how things turn out...

>HTML 3          Draft                                    
>RFC 1942 	The HTML3 Table Model(WD-tables)	   may-96
>WD-css1	        Cascading Style Sheets, level 1		26-jul-96
>WD-style	HTML3 and Style Sheets		        10-jul-96
>WD-layout	Frame-based layout via Style Sheets	 8-jun-96
>WD-forms	Design Issues for HTML Forms		10-apr-96 (*)
>WD-object	Inserting objects into HTML		22-apr-96
>WD-script	Client-side Scripting and HTML		 9-jul-96
>RFC 1766	Tags for the Identification of Languages   mar-95 (**)

For folks who want to look these up: WD-xxx are at

For RFCNNN, start at

Another generally relavent page is:


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