Browser Capabilities update

Just a quick update on my chart of browser capabilities.  I've added a field,
(Seal of Approval, or SOAP :) indicating that I've tested it on stuff I'm
developing and would recommend it for sites with heavy use of forms and user
authentication. One of the more tragic bits of info is the fact that NCSA
WinMosaic can't properly handle a POST method in a user authenticated area,
which means that the 27% of users using various versions of WinMosaic to
visit our site won't be able to do some of the more interesting things unless
that bug is fixed or another free working browser comes out.  Anyways, enjoy. 
Further requests for updates should come to me personally - I'll send this to
the list again when major changes take place. 
If you are using a browser for which a "?" or blank exists in any field, 
let me know.


	        Curr. rev.  User Auth.  Forms  SOAP	Comments
  NCSA Mosaic	  2.0a8       2.0a5     2.0a8  	Y	v. prior to a8 still had bugs
  MacWeb          1.00a2.2     n        0.98a	N
  MacWWW-Samba	  1.03					is this still around?
  Mozilla         0.7         0.4       0.4	Y
  Spyglass Mosaic 1           1         1	Y

NeXTStep	 1.1
  OmniWeb         0.7.5       0.7.4     0.7.4

MS Windows
  Cello           0.9                   n?	N
  GWHIS	          1           1         1	
  Mozilla         0.7         0.4       0.4	Y
  NCSA Mosaic     2.0a7       2.0a5     2.0a5  	N 	can not POST in user auth. area
  Spry's AirMosaic3.07.04.02  y         y	Y
  Spyglass Mosaic 1           1         1	Y
  WinWeb          1.0a2                 n?	N

  Chimera         1.6         1.6       1.3?   	N	must reenter passwd with every page
  Mozilla         0.7         0.4       0.4	Y
  NCSA Mosaic     2.4         2         2	Y
  Spyglass Mosaic 1           1         1	
  TkWWW           2           1?        1?	

  CERN-LineMode   2.14        2         2
  Delphi-HTML                 n         n	N
  Emacs           2.1         y         y	Y
  Lynx            2.3B        2         2	Y
  Mosaic Amiga    1.2				
  Netcom's "NetCruiser"1.1B   n         n	N

Received on Wednesday, 5 October 1994 23:50:40 UTC