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> In article of 12:35 PM 9/30/94, Alejandro Rivero <rivero@sol.uni writes:
> >Is there any method to say to the Html interpreter to put
> >a image in the background and/or in the foreground? 
> >
> >I dont like the ISMAP feature, I would prefer to put the
> >map in the background and then add the buttons in standard
> >html form. This has two advantages:
> >
> >-lynx could read such kind of html pages.
> >-bandwinich and CPU usage impreoves, as not connection to the
> >CGI or similar is needed to get the jump.
> >
> >Any suggestion?? 

Much better solutions to these problems can be found in the HTML 3.0 
proposal, at

Putting hypertext buttons on images -
thus completely eliminating the need for an imagemap script.  I WANT THIS.
It looks like non-graphical browsers could do something intelligent with 
this info too.

Also, I saw a proposal for this but didn't find it in the HTML 3.0 proposal:
the "background" can be defined as a bitmapped image that gets tiled across
the back of the screen - thus allowing anything from just simple colors (a
1x1 bitmap) to texture (5x5, maybe) to full layouts and maps, though it's not
guaranteed that the rendering of the HTML will coincide on every platform so
linking parts of that background to the HTML is probably not a good idea. 


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