Unsubscribing succesfully!

Hi everybody in trouble with unsubscribing!

Happy news: I MADE IT!!!

Thanks for all You helped me! These advices I wanted to share with You all
in the same situation.

>To sign off, send mail to listproc@info.cern.ch with body DEL WWW-HTML


>to unsubscribe yourself from www-talk:
>send an e-mail to listserv@info.cern.ch
>do not put anything in the subject line
>in the body, put:
>        UNSUB www-talk
>(no need to put your name after the unsub command)


I sent mail to address:


I didn't put anything in the subject line (either cc or attch in Pine). In
body I wrote:

      unsubscribe www-html Kimmo Rytkonen

As You see below in the advices I got, Your real name is not necessary. I
sent my message on 16 Nov 1994 12:05:13 and on 22 Nov 1994 16:22:09 I got
this message from mailrobot: You were successfully removed from the list
WWW-HTML. Exciting story, isn't it.

After some trying I noticed, that I forgot my sign (which You can see in
the end of the letter) in the body text. I'm sure that confused mailrobot
so much that my messages weren't understood.

I hope You got some help from this. Thank's for Your letters. I was
releafing to hear, that I'm not the only one. Happy journeys on net! And
Merry Christmas!

Your's Kimmo  :)

        *  Kimmo Rytkonen                  kiolry@tukki.jyu.fi  *
        *  Kalevankatu 61 A 8                                             *
        *  00180 Helsinki, Finland       Tel. 90 - 6852 752  *

Received on Friday, 25 November 1994 13:39:45 UTC