Re: Error in XHTML 1.0 Second Edition Specification (C.14)

The XHTML 1.0 Second Edition spec contains a DTD, and that DTD [1] 
indicates the style element takes an id attribute.  The normative DTD 
itself at [2] also says this.  Your document, on the other hand, claims 
to be XHTML 1.1.  XHTML 1.1 Second Edition DOES indeed permit the id 
attribute on the style element.   It is not yet a Recommendation, nor is 
the updated XHTML Modularization 1.1 on which it depends.  Perhaps the 
validator is not using the latest version of the XHTML 1.1 Second 
Edition DTD because it is not yet a rec?


Daniele Nicotra wrote:
> Hello Dustin.
> It's not me saying that but the w3c validator.
> I provide here a link to validate a simple document I created just to test this:
> If it is possible to use the "id" attribute with <style> tag, then the
> problem must be in the validator, is it so?
> Please let me know.

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