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RE: XForms, client or server layer

From: Micah Dubinko <MDubinko@cardiff.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:01:42 -0800
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To: "'tcowan@silverstream.com'" <tcowan@silverstream.com>, www-forms@w3.org
One of the problems with the current HTML forms is that everyone needs to
write all their form logic twice, once in JavaScript on the client, and
again in CGI/Perl/Java/Tcl/etc. on the server.

(This is the "don't trust the client" principle. Someone could always telnet
to the incoming data URL and manufacture legitimate-seeming data. Or
recompile the browser without validations. Or...)

With XForms, it becomes possible to write a form (an XForms Model
specifically) once, and have both the client process it and the server
double-check it. Implementations so far are taking both approaches.
Examples: X-Smiles (www.xsmiles.org) as client side Java, Chiba
(www.sourceforge.net/projects/chiba) as Java servlets.

We'd definitely welcome feedback on either approach.


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From: Taylor Cowan [mailto:tcowan@silverstream.com]
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Subject: XForms, client or server layer

Does anyone mind if I ask a question about XForms?

Are clients implementing support for XForms, or is it seen as a server side
layer to convert HTTP form postings back into the XForm spec, and then
sending a response back based on a transform of an XForm into its HTML form

Unless IE supports it, practicality would lead me to believe it's all about
some server side software.

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