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RE: Managing Validation Error Messages

From: Tomayko, Ryan <Ryan_Tomayko@stercomm.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 10:07:26 -0400
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Agreed. I have been fairly silent on a couple of fronts for this reason. I
would like to let the rec. take it's course without adding each tiny
nit-pick to the existing workload. Indeed, it seems the most important
customer questions I have received about XForms in recent months is "When
will it become a recommendation?" not "Can I have multiple validation
messages associated w/ a single node?"

This particular issue had been voiced before on the list and I felt it went
away without a great deal of understanding. When Dan had brought it up
again, I saw it as an opportunity to clear up some of the misunderstanding.
I'm satisfied that the issue has been recognized and will at least be in the
back of your head. 

- Ryan

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Subject: RE: Managing Validation Error Messages

I probably do too to an extent.

However, please understand that the XForms 1.0 design had to take the middle
ground between two extremes -- do everything with XML Schema vs not use XML
Schema at all.

All said and done, we've 
probably picked a decent middle ground (of course, this is an entirely
subjective opinion)-- but at this point I think the real test is how much
can be done with the XForms 1.0 design --rather than what cannot be done.

We need to get XForms 1.0 in real use in the hands of real users before
going the next mile 
--this will also give us a good sense of what we need to address in the 2.0

 what Werner Donné writes:
 > Ryan,
 > I understand your point and I agree.
 > Regards,
 > Werner.
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