Re: "-ms-font-feature-settings" is ignored if only specified as @font-face descriptor

On 3/12/12 04:21, Adam Twardoch (List) wrote:
> UPDATE: This problem also affects Chrome, not just IE10!
> I have now confirmed that specifying -*-font-feature-settings ONLY in
> the descriptor of the @font-face rule works as prescribed in Firefox and
> Safari but does NOT work in either Chrome (23 or 25 canary) or Internet
> Explorer 10 (Nov 2012 Preview on Windows 7).
> Adding the -ms-font-feature-settings as a property of some selector
> (e.g. body) fixes the problem in IE, and adding the analogous
> -webkit-font-feature-settings declaration as a property of a selector
> makes in work in Chrome. But this is not what CSS Fonts 3 postulates. It
> should work even if only specified as a descriptor of the @font-face rule.
> Updated examples:

Hi Adam,

Yes, this appears to be a bug in those browsers.

Note that in the case of Chrome (at least - I don't have IE10 handy to 
test), you can "fix" the problem by adding some *other* font feature to 
the body or h1 or whatever - it doesn't need to be a copy of the one you 
tried to set in the @font-face rule. E.g. adding

     -webkit-font-feature-settings: "dlig" on;

in your h1 style will suddenly cause the calt feature from the 
@font-face descriptor to come alive.

Alternatively, if you specify

     text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;

Chrome will apply the feature from the @font-face descriptor as 
expected. Again, I'm not sure offhand if IE10 behaves this way.


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